Linked Capacity Plus Example Router Configurations

Please Note

The Netgear WNR1000 is not a Motorola reccomended router. Please refer to the latest MOTOTRBO system planner for a list of routers which support Linked Capacity Plus. The only reason why the WNR1000 is used is due to the simplicity of the (non-command line) User Interface - which makes it easier to show here and in my training.

NB! As of release 2.2, NAT Loopback is no longer a requirements for the Routers used in Linked Capacity Plus.

Site 1

Here are the configuration screenshots from the Netgear Routers I used in the recent training events.
Since there is no DHCP and ISP on my network, I use my own IP addresses and dummy DNS servers (see above).

I prefer to disable Wireless. If you plan to use WiFi, use encryption and a WPAx key.

Port forwarding must be enabled. The UDP port used  by the Master is 50000. You will see that I have specified that TCP and UDP should be forwarded - this is becuase TCP is used by the CPS for remote IP programming. is the IP address of the Master.

I use DHCP for the Peers (only 1) on this site. You will see that the DHCP issued addresses start at - this is becuase is reserved for the Master. DHCP also stops at, again because is reserved for the rest Channel IP Address.

I also use QoS to give UDP (MOTOTRBO) traffic the highest priority. I also enable the function which allows the Router to respond to pings on the WAN port. If you are connecting via the Internet, disable this feature once you're done with tests etc.

Site 2

On the other site, everything is the same, except:

1) Port Forwarding is not used or needed.
2) The WAN IP addresses are different (see below).

If you have a Netgear WNR1000, you can (restore) load this configuration to try out.


  1. Hello Mr Wayne.
    do you know of any LCP system with NAI data and voice installed?
    Latest update an LCP system to use NAI data and voice with TRBOnet Plus,
    but we have problems with NAI data and MNIS services

    The vocal part works ok, but the data part (text, GPS, etc) does not work when the MNIS service is turned on.

    I do some different settings on routers to use data NAI?

    I have the last Firmware version 2.4 and the recommended router HP MRS 20-20,
    MNIS 2.40.5000 and DDMS 3.40.500

    1. See

  2. If you are using a MikroTik RB2011, you might be interested in these config files

    1. I loaded the config from site 1 backup into a rb2011 can u tell me the ip address to login to the router now??

    2. Should be use Winbox.

  3. Hello Mr. Wayne.

    Could you please send me the MikroTik config file in human readable format? I am using Mikrotik RB951 and unfortunately I can not import your config file.

    I've set up a LCP system with TRBOnet Plus dispatcher and I have the same problem as Mr. Hilton. I thought that there might be a problem with the network part.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Gregor Ščavničar

    1. Sorry, I don't have that information right now. As far as I know, there is no way to get the configuration out as a text (or similar) file - only this format.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hi Wayne, thought I'd ask this in case any others out there have had same problems. LCP system (2 sites) working perfectly with Cisco RV110 routers at each site, on our network, with TRBOnet plus. Install at customer's site on the VLAN they have configured for us and we get "channel busy" errors in TRBOnet. Looks like a failure in MNIS. All inbound services work fine. As a last resort swap out CISCo at master site for el cheapo netgear and it all works!! What the heck is going on here?

    All the best, Chris G7ODT

    1. You need to think about the changes and distinctions. What is different about the customers network and your network?

  6. Hi Wayne,

    Trying to use a MikroTek RB750Gr2. Any programming notes from the RB2011 you can share? Or perhaps some things specific to the MikroTek you found? (Firewall, Route rules, Etc)

    Thanks kindly,

    1. Nothing really. There is a lot of information on these Routers out there so can't really go wrong.


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