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The Mikrotik RB2011IL-RM Router 
I have recently had a few questions about this subject and was asked to recommend a suitable Router for MOTOTRBO.

To my knowledge, the only Router to undergo formal testing by Motorola's engineering team was the MSR20-20 from HP. The trouble with this specific model is that it only has two RJ45 ports and although the MSR20-21 could be used, it is still in the €800 price range. Also the HP MSR20-20 and MSR 20-21 have have a EAR9900NR ECCN which means certain export control regulations may apply (see and The HP MSR20 range remains my (and Motorola's) recommendation as far as Routers for MOTOTRBO are concerned.

For some unknown reason, the Netgear WNR1000, several of my colleagues and I, have used for training purposes, has become generally accepted as the "Motorola recommended Router". This is definitely not the case! The Netgear WNR1000 was chosen purely because it was cheap and the (very simple web-based) user interface was easy enough to explain how things like NAT and port numbers worked. And, at the time, it supported NAT loop-back (which we don't need anymore). I have subsequently uncovered a few flaws in this model and have confined mine to the box-of-tricks cupboard.

Upon hearing the above, the typical question is what Router can one use, which is in the same price range and the Netgear and has the same level of functionality of the HP? In the last few weeks, I have been working with the RB2011IL-RM from Mikrotik. For it's ca. €80 price tag, this is quite an impressive piece of hardware with many features. The configuration is quite daunting (to say the least) at first and I would suggest taking one of the training courses on offer before tackling what lies behind the Webfig/Winbox login.
What I also like (though I have not tested this) is that the RB2011IL can operate on 12Vdc (it is supplied with a 24V PSU) which makes it extremely useful for sites which only have DC power.

I would be interested to know which model Router you use and what system topology (i.e. IPSC; C+ or LC+ and no. of sites) it is being used on? Was it reliable and how easy was it to set up?


  1. Hi,
    we have connected one of the DMR repeaters behind a Mikrotik RB750GL (~ € 50). We say that did not change much in terms of configuration compared to what you've tried.

    I enabled the graphics and some firewall rules to avoid some inconvenience; it is still in the testing phase and we find that the voice quality is not perfect, but I do not think it is due to the router but maybe it's a problem with a radio backhault that brings the network to the router. It seems strange that I can get 10 mbps streams smoothly and I have some packet loss with the voice of the radio repeater that I have seen only deals 12kbps per slot; I have to investigate them carefully in the next few days.

    The repeater mode is IPSC, it is alone with the master who is housed in Dortmund (DE) with over 16 hops and 47 ms rtt avr; of course, the router OS is RouterOS version 6.11; MTU 1500 on all interfaces, over 20 filter rules in the firewall. The CPU load on the router, when it is active only the radio repeater, is close to zero!!!

    I see no problems except for the fact that to configure the router takes a practice level slightly higher than that required to set up a SOHO router; the flexibility of the configuration of RouterOS repays the effort.


    1. You may have bandwidth issues on the ISP side: most Internet Connections are configured for 80/20 (80% Downstream and 20% upstream). MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect uses more upstream bandwidth, than downstream, which increases with the number of Peers on the Master. Good luck with the RB750 :-)

  2. I use m0n0wall for my router and it works great. You do have to make one tweak to it so that it doesn't change the outgoing UDP port.

    I like it, because it is free, Open Source, and very powerful.

    1. Thanks, I'll have a look at that :-)

  3. Wayne, search "mikrotik gpl violation", maybe that affects to your recommendations.

    1. Thanks, I'll have a look into that. The main point is (still), don't use a crappy consumer grade device - they might be okay for use at home to access the internet but they're no good on RF sites with all the conditions present there.

  4. Hello Wayne,

    Have tried Ubiquiti Networks' edgerouter? How is the performance?


  5. Hi Wayne.
    I'm having issue setting up the RB2011 (For a single repeater Peer Site on LCP). I have internet working but as IP isn't my area of expertise, I can't seem to set up the Ports for the Peer Repeater to work.

    Is there a simple set-up for this?


    1. No, sorry I dont know of anything like this. There are however a number of good tutorials on YouTube.


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