Restricted Access to System

The Restricted Access to System (RAS) feature prevents unauthorized subscriber users from
using the repeaters in the system. It also offers some protection to prevent unauthorized subscribers from listening to any repeater outbound voice/data transmission.

RAS is not a privacy feature and if voice privacy is a concern, Basic Privacy, Enhanced Privacy, or AES should be used. It is supported in all MOTOTRBO system configurations – Conventional Single Site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, and Linked Capacity Plus.

RAS provides two methods to prevent a subscriber from accessing the system:

- RAS Key Authentication
- Radio ID Range Check

These two methods are independent of each other and may be enabled/disabled separately or together. When used together, they provide a robust and flexible way to control the users access to the system.
In the repeater
In the radio


  1. how does it secure outbound TX from the repeaters? if its not encrypted one only have to passively listen?

  2. RAS only prevents unauthorized subscriber users from
    using the repeater - it does not encrypt the transmission.

    A radio tuned to the repeater TX frequency would not be able to hear the radio traffic unless the RAS key is known. If radio ID range check is used then a monitoring radio will be able to hear transmissions but will not be able to transmit on the repeater unless its ID is within the valid range.


  3. How do I prevent others from disable the radio device after knowing the color code , frequency and ID .


  4. How do I prevent others from disable the radio device after knowing the color code , frequency and ID .

  5. Hi
    On a IP site system it seems like you konfig RAS in the master repeater. I guess it will be the same RAS code in the whole system .... even in a local slot on the peer repeater.But what if the peer repeater lost IP -connection whit the master?Is it still possible to communicate locally over the peer repeater?

    1. RAS is handled at the individual repeater level.

  6. I have DP4800 ,when i try to write to DP , i get error on 15% of writing : ( can't write/ clone , pkease enter a valid RAS key in KEY VALUE ) pkease help what can i do to skip this option

    1. You need to enter the RAS key used on the repeater/system. If this is not known or none is used, you simply have to set RAS to none in the radio.

      What's probably happened is that you've read the radio, made whatever changes and written this back. The trouble is that the RAS key is write-only - if you read the radio you won't get the RAS key, only a (/) symbol (similar to the no parking sign in Germany).


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