Meet the DP3661e

The DP3661e is the new addition to the MOTOTRBO portfolio and is a display and limited-keypad version of the DP3441e. This sleek and small portable has been designed for users who need effective communications in a compact form-factor. Like all current generation MOTOTRBO™ radios, the DP3661e is a high performance portable two-way radio with integrated voice and data capabilities.

Compared the the previous generation DP3441, the DP3661e offers:

  • A 5-line colour display that can be easily read in full sunlight.
  • An integrated accelerometer for the optional Man Down feature.
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 that supports a wider range of audio accessories as well as indoor location tracking via iBeacons.
  • Multi-constellation GNSS which enables increased location accuracy.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi which allows the radio to be programmed/updated wirelessly (OTAP).
  • Intellegent IMPRES energy and audio accessories.
  • Improved expandability due to extended memory and an advaned chipset.
  • An improved receiver chipset that offers better range (up to 8% more).
  • IP68  dust- and waterproofing.

It uses the same accessory connector and programming cable as the DP2400/2600 series radios. Batteries and accessories are the same as the DP3441/e.

This radio also supports all the features in the DP4000e series although there is no full keypad and less side buttons.


  1. UHF only? Any idea what the NA version will be?

    1. VHF and UHF. As far as I know there isn't a North American version.

  2. Great Radio! I have a vhf version with 3000mah impress battery and wifi option. Very long duration, gps very fast connection.

  3. Hi Wayne!

    I am looking for a suitable Bluetooth PTT pod for this radio.

    What is the difference between NNTN8191 and NNTN8143? Information on is sparse, unfortunately.

    Thank you! :)

    1. No difference, NNTN8143C is part of NNTN8191C.

  4. So the dustcap and the belt clip make all the difference. Got it, thanks!


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